With Covid related restrictions slowly lifting, we are excited to resume some of our services! 

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6 AM & 7 AM


Ancaster's Boutique Gym


At SminkFIT, our family atmosphere fosters a culture of support, inclusion and accountability.

We help clients regain control of their fitness without compromising their career, family responsibilities and social obligations.


We teach our clients how to include fitness and health as part of their daily lives.


We provide positive direction for behavioural changes, so clients become more confident in their physical abilities and appearance.


Our clients are able to reach the goals they set for themselves without the pressure “of being perfect”. We do this by coaching them how to exercise and eat correctly based on their goals, condition, and desires. 


At SminkFIT, our mission is YOU!

You have privacy and freedom to express yourself without judgement.

You receive training appropriate to your fitness level.

Our classes are kept small to ensure training excellence and safety.

We encourage you to listen to your body. We believe in motivating people, without the risk of injury.

We are old-school. Our trainers are always with you during training.

We invest heavily in personal and professional development to keep you at the leading edge of innovation and scientific research. 


Our rates are competitive because our corporation invests in our own community instead of franchising fees.

We keep our equipment simple because we believe that your own body is the most valuable fitness tool you can own.

We agree that technology is powerful, but we prefer to tune into our own bodies and connect with each other during training, not with monitors and expensive gadgets.

If you value these things, then you need to give us a try today!


In Person Small Group Training Trials are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. Please check out our Virtual Training Services.

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Sonya S

Carolyn C 

I was looking for some help to get me out of my rut; then I found Marta!  I honestly love our sessions.

Shannon S

SminkFIT workouts are hard at first, but always super fun and  entertaining! Trainer Marta brings together likeminded people who often become friends! 

Bonnie M

Thanks to Marta, I am not only eating healthy for the first time in my life, I am in the best shape of my life. I feel happy, healthy, and so thankful to Marta for changing my life! Sis I mention I am 52 years old?

Kim F

Marta transformed me! I saw immediate improvement in muscle tone and loss of cellulite!


Marta is invested in my health mentally and physically. She understands her clients and knows her field. Thanks to Marta, I am back to my pre-pregnancy body after having three kids! 


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