Why SminkFIT?


We help busy women get fit by promoting a culture of fun, inclusion, accountability and comradery. We take great pride in helping our members reclaim control of their life by achieving peak fitness, a strong self-esteem, and an elevated level of personal empowerment.


SminkFIT occupies 1250 square feet of open concept, bright, vibrant space.

We are located on the second floor within an industrial building complex (Ancaster Industrial Park) at 1412 Sandhill Drive. The studio is easily accessible from major highways with plenty of parking.


SminkFIT has a modern-contemporary feel with an edgy graffiti-style, fitness-oriented art with high visibility lighting, and large industrial ceiling fans. 


Owner Profile


Canadian-owned and operated SminkFIT Incorporated is the brainchild of international business woman and respected fitness professional Marta Fowler.


Marta began her personal fitness journey at the age of 15, carrying with her an impressive 30 years of experience in the Canadian fitness industry.


Marta has worked with hundreds of satisfied clients throughout her career and has a strong reputation as an elite personal trainer and motivator who embodies her passion for creating change and empowering people’s lives.

Message from Marta 

Hi There! 


Thank you for stopping by!

My name is Marta. I am a mother. I am a partner to someone. I am a co-parent. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a friend. I am a businesswoman. I am a coach. 


But outside of the labels I put on myself, I am also someone who gets scared. I always want to make a good impression.

I want to feel valued and respected. I need socks folded a certain way, and I forget things.


I love red wine. I swear too much. I let my career get in the way of my relationships. 

I am far from being the woman I strive to be, and I'm okay with that because even in the absence of perfection, I know what it feels like to be loved. I know that my existence in this realm, as fleeting as it may be, positively impacts someone and that their world is better and happier because I'm in it.  This is what fuels my "Why," my purpose - the hope that I can continue to contribute to other people's lives in a meaningful way. 


If you're still reading this message, it may be because you're resonating with who I am.  Maybe you are just like me. 

Our world has turned upside down in recent months. Do you feel like all your hard work and efforts flew into pieces as a result of that?

Me too!

This is why we must remember the old saying: "Broken crayons still colour."  The pain is where we must find our strength and resilience in these uncertain times.

If there's one thing that I've learned, it's that even our darkest moments can be transformed into stories that inspire others. 

How we respond when the chips are down, and our back's against the wall says a lot about who we are.

Let's save that beautiful wine for a celebration! Let's stop feeling sorry for ourselves! Let's get off the couch! Don't let the fear of the present define your future!


You are not unqualified from your purpose because of your past or current circumstances. You can and should choose YOU because no one in this world can do a better job of protecting your health than you! 


Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Together, we can make it a great day! 

No matter your fitness goal, it would be my honour to be part of your journey!