Class Schedule


Our classes are designed to seriously tone and strengthen the body while burning tons of calories during and long after the workout!

​Classes utilize combinations of functional movements, performed at moderate to high intensity pace, with special focus on range of motion, core strength, agility, and balance.
Our classes are great for anyone wanting to shape up or work towards a pain free body while pushing themselves to the upper limits of physical performance.

Exercise intensity and range of motion can be modified to meet your ability, making it suitable for all fitness levels.

Many of our clients train with their families, strengthening their bodies and family bonds at the same time!

 Duration: 40-45 minutes followed by 10-15 minutes of stretching.

 You will need a single suitably sized kettlebell, a set of dumbbells, step platform, and a set of light/medium/heavy tension mini-bands to participate in our classes.

 Local clients wanting to participate virtually, have the option to rent necessary equipment free of charge for the duration of their service, while supplies last. Contact us for more information.

 Cross continental and international participants will need to source their own equipment ahead of time.

This is a LIVE HYBRYD CLASS, which means it is offered in Person and Online at the same time.

Classes are recorded, so that you can repeat them at another time or make up a class you've missed.


 In order to ensure 10-12 feet of social distance during class, we are limiting the class size to 6 individuals Max.

You must register for each class ahead of time to secure your spot in this exclusive service.

​When you arrive for your service, you will be assigned an Individual Stay-In Station containing sanitized equipment that will be yours for the duration of the class.


Individuals participating virtually must sign up for each class individually in order to receive the zoom live stream link.