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"Prior to meeting Trainer Marta I was a stereotypical cardio bunny you see at your gym. I would jump on a cardio machine with few friends and stay there for 30-45 minutes while socializing. Then follow with few abdominal exercises and call it a successful workout. I also considered myself to be knowledgeable about eating right, but with that routine I wasn’t seeing any significant improvements or changes to my body. I realized very quickly once I started working with Marta that I still had a lot to learn. Marta transformed me! I saw an immediate improvement in muscle definition and loss of cellulite. The biggest change was that she taught me how to workout with resistance weights properly and how to eat correctly. I was a notorious under eater. She would say: “You need to fuel your body for muscle growth and development.” I began eating more and spending less time at the gym and my body responded with amazing results. I’m a 48 year old mom of two girls and in the best shape of my life.  Marta is an amazing trainer. She never repeats the same workout and is always prepared to make my sessions intense and challenging."

Kim Ferras

I've been working with Trainer Marta on and off since 2014 and have seen amazing results! I have never felt stronger or healthier. Marta is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy she brings to every session. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most of all fun! Marta is easy to talk to which makes asking questions and training with her really comfortable. If you are serious about making a positive life change , Marta can lead you every step of the way!"

Josh Berry

"When I first started working with Trainer Marta, my goal was to lose weight, get into shape and eat healthier.
Fast forward two years later and I'm now on my 3rd fitness competition, which Marta has prepped me for. She has literally transformed me. Not only am I eating healthy for the first time in my life, I am in the best shape ever. I feel happy, healthy, and I'm so thankful to Marta for changing my life.  Did I mention I'm 49 years old?!

Marta truly is my fitness angel."


Bonnie Goldfarb-Miniaci

I met Trainer Marta just after finishing a combined program at McMaster university. I completed my masters of science and nurse practitioner diploma. This was a 2 year full time journey that tested me and my family in many ways! It was the most difficult time in my life and it was very rewarding and freeing to have completed this level of education whilst being a wife and mom to 3 young children. When I started, I was still breastfeeding and waking up at night. I look back and can’t imagine! I still get anxious when I think about school and the level of stress that I was constantly in. “Fight or flight” for 2 years!  Crazy!!!
I was done school and ready to get healthy!  Marta's other client Kristy was starting boot camp and said “come and join Sonya”! So I did! I adore Marta! She is someone that I can count on. Someone that knows me and has genuine interest in my overall health and well being!!! She's invested in my health both mentally and physically. She's supportive, approachable, always smiling. She has an understanding of who her clients are. She keeps it real. She knows her field! She designs the most amazing workouts and you always keeps us guessing. No workout is ever the same and the intensity is always high octane! She is consistent - we always get her at 110% not less!!!! And if she brings it, we bring it!!!! Trainer Marta supports and believes in me. She genuinely cares about me and that means the most to me!!!!❤️Obviously she's fun!!!! She is fun to workout with, she is fun to be around. We are always laughing with her!!!! Trainer Marta has helped me get back to my pre pregnancy weight. I have lost 21 lbs because of your knowledge, planning and support! Now I want to get stronger and take it up a notch. I want to feel confident in a bikini. And I will! Because she has shown me that I am capable!!!! Marta, you truly are an amazing human being. I cannot thank you enough for coming into my life and helping me achieve my goals! You set the bar high! Thank you!

Sonya Scholarchos

"I contacted Trainer Marta when I was at a place in my life where I needed an extra something to get out of the routine of my existing workout. Marta was so easy-going, understanding, and very knowledgeable. She created a very well laid out workout and meal plan for me to follow, giving me the edge I needed to kickstart my metabolism and get results I could see.
Marta's way of training and educating is so wonderful; and she keeps my goals in mind at all times.
Marta has a fun spirit and her daily check-ins keep me motivated. 

I would recommend Marta to anyone and everyone!   Thank you Marta for pushing me so I could achieve my goals."


Teresa Long

"I owe everything I know about fitness to Trainer Marta! I was 20 and looking to positively change my life and a way to boost my self-esteem. When I started working with Marta I had a torn ACL, but she knew exactly how to maneuver around it.  I trained with Marta for about 5 months and in those 5 months my knee strength had increased dramatically.  My self-esteem improved drastically too. I felt better about myself everyday.  She is such a caring, loving and passionate person and she welcomed me in like we'd known each other forever. I always felt comfortable in her studio. I may not have lost a lot of weight, but I sure shaved off a decent amount of inches, and that's what counts.
I would highly recommend Marta to anyone that is looking for a change, or trying to amp up their fitness level."


Brittney Dzsudzsak

"My name is Bella and I am Trainer Marta's most senior client at 84 years of age.  Training with Marta has greatly improved my balance, strength and flexibility.

She knows exactly how far to push me to get maximum results but not to go beyond my endurance.

She's also a lot of fun and makes every workout a pleasure.



Bella Muller

“Trainer Marta is a fantastic trainer who is full of enthusiasm and very supportive with helping me accomplish my goals. She's very knowledgable about health and fitness and used that knowledge to create a unique dietary and fitness plan aimed at helping me get to where I want to be. Her fitness routines make me feel amazing, even right after a tough workout.  Working out in her gym is a great experience.  I am glad to have had the opportunity to work with Marta on my fitness goals and I will continue to work with her because I feel that she is the best fitness trainer I've worked with to date."

Andrea Camara

"I trained with Marta for almost two years and always looked forward to our sessions! Our sessions were hard work, but fun. Marta never gave me boring, repetitive excercises so the time flew by. I started with Marta as preparation for a physical testing for a job and improved exponentially as a result, both physically and with my self-confidence. I'll never regret my decision to train with Marta!"


Stephanie Greenaway 

"I've been training with Marta and a training partner for over a year now. She is absolutely amazing, always switching up the exercises and focuses on what we would like to improve. She provides modifications or increases intensity when needed. Marta has been committed to helping us achieve our goals and is always positive when we see her.


Alicia Dorey

I have been training with Marta for well over a year. I really enjoy our sessions together as they help me stay focused, energized, and productive during long school hours. My university schedule is very demanding and when I'm not able to see Marta in person I follow a training plan that she designed for me to use independently. Marta's workouts are always fun and she is very accommodating to my ever changing schedule. I wish I could workout out with her every day!"

Kirsten Stanley

"Trainer Marta has a way of making everything fun.  She's a very driven person who carefully designed our sessions and who has put together some really amazing and easy to follow meal plans.  I also like how blunt, honest and punctual she is.  Marta challenged me to push myself to meet my goals, then celebrated my successes with me.  Even when I was finding things challenging, Marta always saw the best in me.  I lost a total of 51 pounds!"

Erin Vanderwoude

"I used to be a bit overweight & felt frustrated with my workouts (I would end up injuring myself, or I wouldn’t see results).  I was struggling with binge eating/restricting foods, and felt depressed.  I was looking for some help to get me out of my rut; then I found Marta!  I honestly love our sessions.  I usually feel very self-conscious in front of others while working out, but not with Marta!  She's so kind, supportive, and knowledgeable, and that gives me hope.  Even when I'm feeling down, I'm so much better after our sessions."

Carolyn Credico

"I used to workout at home for about 1 hour every other day.  Now I work out for about ½ an hour every other day (spending less time at it) and actually see better results.  I realize now I was going through the motions, but likely the wrong motions.  I enjoyed the boot camp so much I decided to get a personalized program for myself."

D. Mclean

"Truly an amazing experience working with Marta. She's incredibly smart, motivated and invested in not only me physically, but also mentally. She understood when I had challenges completing the boot camp. Thank you for being you "

Jennifer Prince

"Trainer Marta gets it done!  No mess, no fuss, we just get to work, and we see results.  She motivates me to want more from my body, and myself.  I have a stronger core, stronger arms, more endurance, even handstands... Staying strong and letting my family and friends see the amazing results so I can motivate them too."

Shannon Holmes Shedden

"I have really enjoyed the boot camp classes! I love the variety and the way you are always pushing us to achieve our highest potential! Very positive and motivating!"

Amelia Toriello

"Great experience as Trainer Marta is always positive and supportive in the classes.  Her passion for what she does - making us all more fit - always shows.  Good social interaction in the classes is helpful too.  Very creative in changing up the routines, makes the classes go quicker and seem easier to do."

Rae Jerome

"Meeting Marta for the first time was such a nice experience.  She made me feel so comfortable, was empathetic, and knew where I was at mentally. She took my pictures, weight and measurements, then gave me a workout plan as well as an eating plan that put me on the right track!  She is such a genuine person."

Tovi Pischiutta

"Marta has really helped me learn fitness techniques that I have been able to use on my own.  I've been held accountable and I've learned new fitness techniques"

Andrea Camara

"Very encouraging and positive.  Can’t wait to get back into boot camp!"

Kelly Chayka

"Fantastic and so much fun. Marta always motivates us and keeps changing up our workouts."

Alicia Dorey

"I really appreciated our rapport, and also that you offered options for group training which made the sessions not only more affordable, but also very fun as well. I felt that you were able to push me to work much harder than I would on my own. I was also motivated to eat healthier, drink more water, etc. without it also feeling too extreme or daunting."

Jenn Yoon Lee

"Marta is an amazing trainer! She has so much knowledge and experience, is super easy to get along with and is so funny! It’s always a fun workout. And it’s really nice how I always do something different instead of the same exercises over and over again for weeks. Also, the hour seems to fly by with Marta, unlike when I was working out on my own (that hour would take forever most times)"

Melanie Craig

"Before I met Marta I was stuck in my fitness. I lifted the same weights and did the same routine. I had heard from a friend that Marta was a great trainer who got incredible results, so I approached her. That’s where my real transformation began... 

Marta taught me about proper nutrition and gave me a personalized meal plan. She pushed me to my limits and beyond. Her workouts were creative, yet focused on achieving results. The progress I've had with her is incredible. I'm now lean and defined. She pushed me to where I wanted to be. I lost inches, I lost fat., and I gained muscle. 

Trainer Marta has taken me to a place I could never reach on my own. For years I struggled to figure out how to eat right, how much cardio to do, and forget weights, they just confused me. She has taught me nutrition and taught me how to lift. I am now confident in any area in a gym and pass my knowledge on to others. This amazing trainer not only defines your muscles, she builds your confidence and self esteem. She is not just my trainer now she has become a great friend. I couldn't imagine where I would be with out her. Best trainer ever!!!"


Angel Marlor 

"When I began with Marta I would say I was in poor to moderate fitness condition. Afterwards, my fitness condition improved a great deal.  Marta customizes her training sessions for each of her clients and you will find her programs are well prepared and organized in order for you to reach your fitness goals. 

Marta is a true professional and extremely personable, she uses the right balance of listening to her clients needs while pushing them to reach new fitness levels.  I would highly recommend Marta to anyone considering the services of a personal trainer!"

Frances Vacirca

"I've had a great experience with great results - more energy, more strength, better toned body, eating healthier."

Patty Costa

"Before Marta and I started working out I was struggling to find motivation to lift heavy, and I needed to pass a physical test at work.  I was weak and unable to complete more than one chin up.  Marta was able to help me push my limits and do so without injury.  She always has great advice on exercises and nutrition that I can follow on the days we aren't training together. 


I was able to pass my physical test - which included 5 chin ups!"

Lindsay Jelly

"Marta's coaching style is unique, in that she comes across not only like a trainer, but also an encouraging friend, which helps keep me going during a tough workout."

Raghad Azzam

"Marta was recommended to me by my chiropractor. Working with Marta leaves nothing unattended to. What she offered me was more than I expected - a personal walk through of all activities with thorough demonstration and coaching, a written outline followed by a video of exactly how each exercise should be performed. Then, the shoe dropped! Since I wanted a home program, she also followed up on my progress. She is an approachable, kind person."

Donna Calder Louth

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